Better or Best: Finding a Dentist Frisco TX with Fabulous Dental Care

Better or Best: Finding a Dentist Frisco TX with Fabulous Dental Care

Dentist Frisco TXWhat makes one dentist superior to another? Location, convenient hours and a friendly staff are just a couple of small things that can actually make a huge difference. But it isn’t just a friendly smile – pardon the pun, that makes a dentist the best.

So what makes a dentist Frisco TX stand out?

Competent Staff
There’s nothing worse than going to a professional establishment only to meet head to head with an incompetent staff. Top dental practices have an entire staff that’s friendly, personable, professional, and competent. There isn’t much use having a fabulous dentist if the front desk receptionist, patient coordinator or dental assistants are rude or socially awkward with patients. Premier offices have an entire staff that is easy to work with and professional.

Competitive Pricing
If you have insurance, get your hands on a list of dental offices that accept your insurance. Then do a little research to find the best one. If you are paying out of pocket either way, you have a lot more choice in which doctor you choose.

Some dental practices offer competitive financing plans that work with most budgets. This is the best choice if you are paying out of pocket!

Special Services
While the sign may say “family dentistry,” not all dental offices are the same. If you or someone in your family has special needs, find an office that can accommodate those needs. Here are a few extras not all offices offer:

  • Sedation dentistry
  • TV or music to listen to during appointment
  • Relaxing hand wax during procedures
  • Childrens area with toys in waiting room
  • Orthodontic services
  • Oral surgeries

Every dentist has to graduate from dental school and have an updated license to practice. However, not all dentists choose to further their education regularly – but the best ones do! The very best dentists attend workshops and extra classes where they learn the newest information in the field. With continued education, fabulous dentists stay up to date on technology, science, and practices.

This type of expertise helps a dentist Frisco TX stand apart from his or her competitors. Here’s an example. A couple of years ago, some dentists ditched the old methods of teeth scaling by hand and bought ultrasonic dental scalers. With these little machines, the hygienist can scale the teeth and remove excess gunk and buildup without having to scrape forever. Instead, they use the ultrasonic, which is essentially a tiny water laser that has unbelievable precision. Not all dentists have made the switch to the ultrasonic scalers, but dentists who have read the research and seen the success in clinics with these machines have. Continuing education matters.

Choosing a dentist Frisco TX doesn’t have to be a gruelling task, but finding the best can require a little effort. But the time it takes to research and find the perfect dentist to fit your needs is well worth it! Prestonbrook Dental wants to be your choice. With many years of serving the Frisco, TX area, we want to help you too. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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