Dental Clinic In Frisco TX: The ABCs Of Flossing

Dental Clinic In Frisco TX: The ABCs Of Flossing

Dental clinic Frisco TXMost of us know that brushing and flossing go hand-in-hand when it comes to good oral health.  Brushing with a minty toothpaste makes our mouths feel fresh so it’s easy to remember to include it in our daily routine; but flossing is often an afterthought – if it’s a thought at all.  If you visit your dental clinic in Frisco TX twice a year for your checkups, your dentist or hygienist likely asks if you’re remembering to floss and you know you usually answer “yes” even though you really can’t remember the last time you did it.  What’s the big deal with flossing?  Is it really that important?

Dental plaque is basically a biofilm made up of the bacteria that live in your mouth.  The film adheres to your teeth and gums.  When you feed the bacteria carbohydrates, like those found in sugar, milk, soft drinks, candy and cake, they not only multiply faster, they produce an acid that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.  When you visit your dental clinic in Frisco TX, they will tell you that the longer this acidic plaque remains on your teeth, the more likely you’ll develop cavities or gum disease.  They’ll also tell you how important it is to remove as much of this plaque film as possible with thorough brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day.

Brushing sweeps away a large portion of plaque but flossing is vital to removing plaque and food debris from areas that your toothbrush can’t reach – like the points at which your teeth touch each other and at the gum line.  The key to flossing is taking the time to do it right and reach all the areas you need to reach.  In fact, how well you floss is more important than when you floss although the commonly-held wisdom that flossing before bed is best is probably, well, best.  During the night, the saliva we produce that washes away bacteria is reduced so a nice, clean mouth is a good thing to go to sleep with.

As for the kind of floss you should use, they all work the same way so it’s just a matter of what you like.  If the spaces between your teeth are wide, then you can use a more comfortable woven floss or dental tape.  If the spaces are tight, try a teflon or waxed floss.  You’ll also notice that some flosses slide off your fingers more easily so take the into account when you’re deciding on the right product to use.  In a pinch, floss holders and handles can be somewhat effective; but the old-fashioned floss-around-the-fingers technique is better for contouring the floss around teeth and gives you more control.

Brushing and flossing really are one of the cornerstones of good, oral health.  Another is regular dental checkups at Prestonbrook Dental clinic in Frisco TX.   Call Prestonbrook at 214-705-7948 to schedule an appointment. Also visit to learn more about their services.

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