Dental Clinic In Frisco, TX: The Bad Habits That Will Destroy Your Teeth!

Dental Clinic In Frisco, TX: The Bad Habits That Will Destroy Your Teeth!

dental clinic Frisco TXWhen you visit your dental clinic in Frisco, TX for your 6-month check-up, you can be sure that your dentist and hygienist will tell you what you need to do to keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy.  Deep cleaning, X-rays and a thorough examination happen on just two days of the year which means there are 363 days that you and you alone are responsible for your oral health.  If you listen to your dental clinic staff in Frisco, TX, you probably go right out and buy the right kind of toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.  You probably even stock up on fruits, vegetables and bottled water so that you can give your mouth the right nutrition.  But old habits die hard and when they’re bad habits, they die even harder.

Among the worst bad habits to fall back into is not brushing and flossing every day.   Brushing in the morning is part of the routine most of us have for getting ready for work or school, which makes it pretty easy to keep up.  But everyone knows how much easier it is to fall asleep at night without brushing then to face the bright lights of the bathroom for a 2-minute brushing followed by flossing.

Skipping dental exams is another bad habit that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease or worse.  If you rationalize skipping or endlessly postponing your appointments with your dental clinic in Frisco, TX, remember that your dentist can spot and treat small, dental problems before they become big, dental problems.  And those problems include not only tooth decay and gum disease but oral cancers.

Eating the wrong food can mean that your overall health, including your oral health, suffers.  But drinking sugary, fizzy soft drinks and fruit juices is especially bad because it goes over and through your teeth.  The sugar in these drinks feeds the bacteria on your teeth and the acid in soft drinks wears down tooth enamel.  The best thing to drink for your teeth is tap water because it contains fluoride that most bottled waters don’t contain.

Smoking stains teeth and can change the bacteria within the enamel, which makes them more susceptible to decay.  Smoking also contributes to gum disease and early tooth loss because it inhibits the body’s ability to fight infections, like the kind you have in your mouth when a tooth is infected.  In addition, smoking contributes to the development of oral cancers and loss of bone within the jaw.

When you reverse bad habits that can threaten your oral health and visit your dentist for regular check-ups, you will be well on the way to ensuring that your teeth and mouth stay healthy for a lifetime.  Prestonbrook Dental is the dental clinic you should choose in Frisco, TX for all of your oral care needs.  Visit to learn more about the services we can provide you and your family.  Call 214-705-7948 to schedule an appointment.

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