Dental Clinic Frisco TX: Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Dental Clinic Frisco TX: Are Dental Implants Right for You?

dental clinic frisco tx | Frisco, TXIf you visit the dentist at your dental clinic Frisco TX about enhancing your smile, they may introduce you to several solutions to replace one or several missing teeth. One viable solution available to you may be dental implants. In the past, some of the only solutions to gaining a completely full smile were crowns, bridges, and dentures. Unfortunately, although these options are beneficial to many, they can often only provide temporary results that are difficult to maintain.

However, thanks to innovative technology and advances in the dental industry, dental implants have made obtaining a full, beautiful smile easier than ever. Implants look natural and are also extremely comfortable. Additionally, since they maintain the natural bone tissue in your mouth, you will still be able to speak clearly and eat easily.

Dental implants can work for most patients. However, there are certain situations that you should discuss with your dentist at the dental clinic Frisco TX you visit in order to determine if implants are right for you. You will need to talk to your dentist if you:

  • Had extensive dental work done in the past. For example, if you currently use dentures or have bridges in your mouth, in some cases, dental implants can either replace or strengthen these structures.
  • Suffer from bone loss. Dental implants can only be successful if there is enough bone in your mouth to provide a base for the implant. However, if your dentist determines you lack enough bone, a bone-grafting procedure may be a possibility before the implant is installed.
  • Have an existing medical condition. Alert your dentist to any medications you are currently taking or a medical condition you are dealing with. Keep in mind that as long you can have normal dental work done, you will likely be able to benefit from dental implants.
  • Have gum disease. This condition can impact the effectiveness of dental implants. If your gum disease is moderate to severe, you may have to undergo treatment before having an implant procedure done.
  • Smoke. In addition to gum disease, smoking can also affect whether or not dental implants are a beneficial solution for tooth loss. Tell your dentist about how often you smoke.

If you want to replace one or a few missing teeth in your mouth to achieve a complete smile but don’t think you’re a good candidate for the procedure, make an appointment with your dental clinic Frisco TX and talk with your dentist before you do anything else. Prestonbrook Dental is a source of information for you and has performed many successful implants over the years.  Don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule your appointment at (214) 506-1066.

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