Dental Clinic In Frisco, TX Knows How To Brighten A Smile

Dental Clinic In Frisco, TX Knows How To Brighten A Smile

dental clinic Frisco TXDental clinics in Frisco TX recognize the positive effects of a smile. A universal tool that seems to leave an immediate impact on the viewer. Conclusions such as happiness, vitality, youthfulness, friendliness and good health are reflected in a smile. Not only the condition of the teeth but the color sends a message. Sparkling white teeth are a big enhancement to a smile.

There are various whitening techniques available. If considering a whitening procedure it is advised that you discuss with an AACD cosmetic board member the different options. Find out which is right for you and your teeth.

A survey taken by the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows the high value placed on a those pearly whites. A beautiful smile says a lot. Percentages in the high 90’s indicate that most adults recognize the social value of an attractive smile. Your smile can make you more appealing.  Over 70% of adults felt that a smile can have an affect on career success. First impressions go a long way. A good smile helps leave a positive one. Many adults when asked what they would like to improve about their smile gave the same answer. A brighter smile won hands down. Whitening gives confidence and improves self esteem.

Our first teeth, our baby teeth, are generally lighter than our permanent teeth that grow in later. Unfortunately aging can produce darker teeth that are stained more and yellowish in color. Hence the youthful appearance white teeth help to generate.

Discoloration of teeth can be brought about in various ways. Internal discoloration can be linked to high levels of fluoride, antibiotics administered during childhood, tetracycline, trauma, tooth decay, and other dental problems. External discoloration is basically the effects of food and tobacco. Smoking in addition to foods with tannins, such as tea, coffee, oranges, carrots and other foods and drinks can lead to yellowing. Genetics can also play role.

Professional, in office teeth whitening, is the preferred method of getting those pearly whites back to beautiful. Stronger agents are used while protection to the gums and rest of the mouth are provided. Teeth are whitened sometimes up to 10 shades lighter in one hour. The results can last from one to three years. Following good hygiene practices can make the sparkle last even longer.

Put some power in your smile. Visit us here at Presonbrook Dental, a dental clinic in Frisco, TX. We have the trained professionals that know how to brighten your teeth. Let us examine your teeth and help create the smile of a lifetime.  Call us today at (214) 705-7948.
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