Dental Clinic In Frisco TX: Your Mouth And What Happens Inside It

Dental Clinic In Frisco TX: Your Mouth And What Happens Inside It

Dental Clinic Frisco TXBrushing and flossing every day and visiting your dental clinic in Frisco TX for regular exams are great ways to keep your teeth and mouth healthy; but no matter what you do and how often you do it, you’re fighting an uphill battle with the decay-causing enemy inside your mouth.  Why?  Because you can never completely get rid of the millions of bad bacteria that live in your mouth alongside millions of good bacteria.

What happens inside your mouth all day?
A never-ending tug-of-war is taking place inside your mouth.  On one side is dental plaque which is a sticky film of bacteria along with food and drink remnants that contain the sugar and starch that bacteria need to thrive and produce acid that destroys your teeth.  On the other side are the minerals in your saliva, like calcium and phosphate, fluoride in toothpaste, water and some processed foods that help to repair your tooth enamel by replacing minerals lost during bacterial acid attacks.

What happens to your teeth?
If you consume a lot of food and drinks that contain sugar and starch, then your teeth are under constant attack from bacteria-produced acids.  These constant attacks cause your tooth enamel to lose minerals.  You may notice white spots on your teeth that are signs of early decay.  Over time, when the enamel is completely destroyed, a cavity will appear that only your dental clinic in Frisco TX can repair.

What can you do to avoid cavities?
Make sure you get enough fluoride, either from drinking water from a public water supply or from brushing with toothpaste that has fluoride in it.  Visit your dental clinic in Frisco TX at least twice a year for cleanings and exams.  If your dentist thinks you need more fluoride, he can apply a fluoride gel to your teeth or recommend a mouth rinse with fluoride.  You should also brush and floss regularly to make sure plaque doesn’t stick to your teeth any longer than necessary and watch what you eat and drink to avoid excess sugar.

Because so much is happening inside your mouth all the time, it’s important that you find a great dental clinic in Frisco TX for your regular appointments.  At Prestonbrook Dental, our team will take great care of your entire family and we’ll help to ensure that you won’t have to deal with cavities.  Call us at (214) 506-1066 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment.

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