Dental Clinics In Frisco, TX: 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

Dental Clinics In Frisco, TX: 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

Dental clinics Frisco TXWhen you visit one of the dental clinics in Frisco, TX for your regular check-ups, you’re probably given plenty of great advice about keeping your mouth clean and healthy and your teeth cavity-free.  But there are probably some things you’ve heard about dental health that stick in your mind even though you’re not sure if they’re true or false.  It’s never a bad idea to ask your dentist these questions just to make sure you’re doing the right things to take care of your teeth:

1 –  Should I only worry about brushing my teeth after I eat sugar?  No.  Although sugar does feed the acid-producing bacteria that live in the plaque in your mouth, a variety of other carbohydrates do, too.  Rice, potatoes, vegetables and other starches can help bacteria to produce cavity-causing acids so you should brush and floss, ideally, after every meal.

2 – As an adult, do I really have to worry about cavities that much?  Although it seems like children should get more cavities because it’s harder to get them to remember to brush and floss, adults are just as prone to cavities.  Fluoride in tap water has levelled the cavity playing field; however, cavities in seniors are on the rise because of mouth-drying medications that older people take to maintain their health.  Saliva in the mouth helps to flush out harmful bacteria so less saliva means more bacteria.

3 – If my teeth look and feel fine, can I still have a cavity?  Your teeth can look bright and beautiful and not cause you any pain at all; but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem brewing.  Dentists at dental clinics in Frisco, TX can spot tiny holes in your teeth that could be the beginning of cavities.  X-rays that are part of a normal dental exam can also tell the dentist what’s happening under your gums so that he can fix your dental problems before they cause you pain.

4 – Is brushing my teeth more than once a day bad for the enamel?  This can be a problem if you use a medium or hard toothbrush and are very aggressively brushing your teeth.  Dentists recommend soft or extra soft toothbrushes so that you can brush twice a day and after meals when possible.

5 – Should I brush my teeth when my gums are bleeding?  Bleeding gums are caused by a lack of routine brushing and flossing to remove plaque.  If your gums are prone to bleeding, brushing and flossing can resolve the problem.  If your gums continue to bleed even after you’ve properly cared for your teeth, make an appointment with one of the dental clinics in Frisco, TX to check for other problems.
There really is no dumb question when it comes to your oral health and your dentist has probably heard them all. When you need one of the best dental clinics in Frisco, TX to answer your questions and help you to keep your teeth and gums in great shape, call us at Prestonbrook Dental at 214-705-7948 for an appointment.  And visit us at to find out more about our clinic and services.
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