Dentist In Frisco TX: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Dental Appointment

Dentist In Frisco TX: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Dental Appointment

Dentist in Frisco TXThere are probably a lot of reasons that you might skip an appointment with your dentist in Frisco TX – you’re not feeling well or you can’t get away from work or the sun is shining.  No one really enjoys a check-up; but your 6-month check-up with your dentist is vitally important to your oral health and even your overall health.  Having your dentist in Frisco TX clean and check your teeth and mouth has these key benefits:

  1. It can prevent the spread of oral cancer.   According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, someone dies from oral cancer every hour of every day in the United States.  When your dentist examines your mouth, he looks for the signs of early oral cancers.  In the early stages, oral cancer is curable and survivable.

  2. It can prevent gum disease.   Gum disease is an infection of the soft tissue around your teeth that can extend to the bones in your mouth.  It can result from a variety of reasons including poor oral hygiene and eating the wrong food.  Caught in its early stages before it leads to tooth loss, it’s reversible.

  3. It can help to detect dental problems in their early stages.   Cavities, cracked teeth, missing fillings and gum disease are more easily treated in the early stages.  When these problems are missed or neglected, it can lead to tooth loss, root canals or oral surgery.

  4. It can help to alleviate or prevent bad breath.   Eighty-five percent of people have persistent bad breath that is linked to a dental health problem.  Teeth cleaning can remove plaque and tartar that can lead to bad breath and check-ups can detect other problems that lead to bad breath.

  5. It can help you to maintain good overall health.   Studies have shown that poor oral hygiene that results in gum disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes.  Regular cleanings and dental exams can prevent or stop gum disease.

  6. It will let your dentist develop a treatment plan for your teeth.   If your dentist in Frisco TX examines your teeth regularly and takes X-rays, he will be able to tell you what, if anything, is wrong with your teeth.  After that he can formulate a treatment plan that will prioritize what has to be done.

Before you pick up the phone to cancel or postpone your dental exam, think about how important good oral health is and that prevention is preferable to extensive and costly procedures down the line.  Call us at Prestonbrook Dental at (214) 705-7948 to schedule an appointment for a check-up.  You can also visit us online at to find out more about us.

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