Dentist In Frisco TX: Dealing With The Fear Of Root Canal Treatment

Dentist In Frisco TX: Dealing With The Fear Of Root Canal Treatment

Dentist in Frisco TXMany people put off dental exams and treatment every year out of fear.  For some, the fear is simply a fear of pain.  For others, the fear has a deeper, psychological basis that results in fear of confinement in the dental chair, fear of close proximity to the dentist and his staff or fear of the sounds and smells of a dental office.  No matter what your fear is, you shouldn’t let it deter you from seeking dental help.  Whether you need a routine cleaning or a root canal from your dentist in Frisco TX, he can help to alleviate your anxiety and stress when you talk to him and his staff beforehand.  In fact, every dentist is keenly aware how much fear those two words alone – root canal – can inspire in patients.  That’s why many dentists offer either sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide for dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is administered through a cup placed over the nose.  Nitrous oxide doesn’t put you to sleep but it can make you drowsy.  In general, it acts to make you more relaxed and most patients have no memory of most of theirroot canal procedure once it’s over.  This is an especially safe and effective option for children who have a fear of going to the dentist in Frisco TX.  Sedation dentistry is another needle-free treatment that puts you completely to sleep during your procedure.  Many patients use this option to have not just root canals performed but cleanings, fillings and extractions as well.

There are things you can do yourself to make your experience in the dental chair a better one.  The most important thing is to take control of the situation.  Talk to your dentist.  Ask him or her to tell you everything that they plan on doing and how long each procedure will take.  Tell him/her that if you feel anxious, you may signal him/her to stop what they’re doing so that you can take a breather.  Many dentists handle more than one patient at a time so he may take the opportunity to visit with another patient while you relax.  Bring an MP3 player with headphones so that you can listen to something other than the sound of the instruments.  You may also be able to bring a friend or relative into the the treatment room with you for added comfort.

Proper dental care is vital to your overall health.  There are many ways to lessen your fear of a minor procedure like teeth cleaning or a major procedure like a root canal.  They key is communicating with your dentist in Frisco, TX. They don’t want you to be scared or in pain any more than you do.  At Prestonbrook Dental in Frisco, TX, we care about your comfort and we want to do everything we can to lessen your anxiety.  Call us at 214-705-7948 for an appointment or visit us at to learn more about our practice and how we can help you.

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