Dentist in Frisco TX: What to Expect With Your Root Canal

Dentist in Frisco TX: What to Expect With Your Root Canal

dentist in frisco txRoot canals are generally acknowledged to be no fun. After all, they involve the living nerve and pulp of a tooth to be removed and the rest of the tooth cleaned and sealed against infection. However, if you have the right dentist in Frisco TX, you can have any potential problems with the procedure minimized. Here are few things you can expect with your typical root canal procedure and which you might go over with your dentist.

1. Different kinds of root canal

Not every kind of dental procedure is the same, because not all teeth are the same. The essential procedure remains the same, but it may vary in length and extensiveness depending on the amount of infection or decay in the tooth. Talk to your dentist in Frisco TX about the details of your root canal. Be sure to determine what kind of treatments will be necessary, and if you will need to do anything special in your daily dental routine to make sure that you will do everything you can to keep your teeth healthy.

2. Loss of temperature sensation

The nerve is generally not an essential part of the tooth, and removing it does not really “kill” the tooth. The only purpose the nerve serves is that it allows you to sense temperatures through the tooth. This is how you can sense that something you chew is hot or cold. This is not an essential function of the tooth, and you will still be able to chew with the tooth. Ask your dentist in Frisco TX whether you should expect any other loss of sensation, depending on how extensive the procedure was.

3. Manageable amounts of pain

One of the more infamous aspects of a root canal is the pain that is supposed to come with it. However, a root canal done well should be no more painful than any other dental procedure. Ask your dentist about the specifics. If you have an extensive infection, you may feel especially pained after the removal of large amounts of pulp. In most cases, over-the-counter medications or light prescription painkillers might be all you will need to keep the pain at bay.

No matter how deep your infection goes, a root canal could solve all of your problems. Ask your dentist in Frisco TX about the side effects of your root canal and what you can expect after the procedure is complete. Call Prestonbrook Dental for details on your procedure today at 214-506-1066.


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