Dentist Frisco TX: Questions to Ask When Selecting a New Dentist

Dentist Frisco TX: Questions to Ask When Selecting a New Dentist

dentist frisco tx | Frisco, TXWhenever you pick a new dentist Frisco TX, there are certain things you have find out and ask which will make it easier for you to select the best for you. Here are a few questions to put on your “Must Ask” list when you are looking:

1. What kinds of payment and fees are expected?

Some people do not like to ask the office of their dentist Frisco TX about the monetary half of the transaction. No matter how squeamish you may feel about the idea of offending someone, asking about payment and special fees is very important. You will want to make sure that both you and your potential dentist know exactly what kind of fees you are to expect. Another thing you should ascertain, if it is not already your first question, is whether your potential dentist accepts your insurance.

2. What kinds of procedures will and will not be performed?

Some dentists specialize in certain kinds of procedures and not others. Some do not practice pediatric dentistry. Some only practice general dentistry and will not perform certain specialized procedures. You will need to ascertain which sorts of procedures your potential dentist will have to be able to do, and whether the candidate you prefer does those. These might include extractions, pediatric dentistry, braces, or sedation dentistry. Figure out what you’re likely to have to ask your dentist to do.

3. Where is the office located and what are the hours?

As with many things, one of the deciding points for your dentist might be down to location, location, location. No matter what else you have to consider, you will not want to drive an hour or more out of your way to get to your dentist’s office. When you have multiple choices as your possible dentist, it is good sense to choose the one which is closest and still offers all the other advantages. Also be sure to ask about your dentist’s hours of operation. If you have a job and still need regular dental care, you might want to go with a dentist whose hours are flexible or who offers weekend hours.

When you ask these questions, you can be more assured that you are going to be seeing the dentist Frisco TX who will be best able to look after your particular needs and be able to work with your schedule. For a good place to start, contact Prestonbrook Dental at (214) 506-1066.

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