Dentist Frisco TX Recognize The Importance Of Flossing

Dentist Frisco TX Recognize The Importance Of Flossing

dentist frisco txMany dentist Frisco TX probably have a good idea why their patients aren’t always excited about visiting their offices. The answer is all about their home dental habits or lack of and what they might find out while sitting in that dental chair.  Yes many are brushing and using mouthwash to fight bacteria but what about flossing? Flossing is the most neglected component of good hygiene.

Flossing plays a major role in keeping our mouths healthy. Taking the time to learn the benefits of this very simple procedure could be very eye opening. Dentist Frisco TX feel that taking just a few extra minutes to floss daily can greatly improve your dental health along with other rewards.

A Winning Combination- Brushing your teeth twice daily is a great dental maintenance tool. But by itself something is lacking. Toothbrushes do a great job on top and outer surfaces but what about the rest of the area? Toothbrushes are limited in mobility. Flossing is able to penetrate those tight crevices and remove small bits of lodged food. Brushing and the flossing together help to provide good dental care. Brushing alone is lacking in ability and just not enough.

Defend Your Gums-  Flossing should be on that first line of defense. Gums are the soft sensitive tissue that covers the bones and roots of your teeth. Flossing is most significant in the area where the teeth and gums meet. Teeth are so sensitive. The tiniest of particles can become trapped in this area. Eventually, if not removed, these particles can become tartar. The result of this buildup could be gingivitis.  Gums that are red and swollen are the first indications this may be developing. If left unattended the end result is loss of teeth. Flossing can help to keep gums healthy.

Disease Deterrent-  Oral health also affects other parts of the body. Excessive bacteria can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems, and diabetes. Flossing helps to eliminate bacteria.

Stop Tartar Build Up- Like the drill the sound of scraping tartar from teeth is not comfortable. Flossing along with brushing and use of mouthwash helps to remove the plaque that forms tartar.

Good dental hygiene habits do make a difference. A beautiful smile is a work of art. Daily oral cleaning, a combination of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash help to keep your smile at its best.  Prestonbrook Dental, dentist Frisco TX is here to help keep your teeth and gums in their very best condition. Give us a call today.

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