Dentists In Frisco TX: How To Find The Right Dentist For You

Dentists In Frisco TX: How To Find The Right Dentist For You

Dentists in Frisco TXThere are many dentists in Frisco TX and many more in the North Texas area.  So how do you choose one you’ll like and be comfortable with?  Having a dental plan doesn’t narrow down the options much either because your plan likely has a long list of dentists who are preferred providers.  The first thing you have to know is what the dentists on your short (or long) list actually do. General dentists handle primary care for your teeth. They handle teeth cleaning and exams and handle a wide variety of issues including cavities and fillings, gingivitis treatment, root canals, mouthguards, implants, dentures and sealants.

Dental specialists include pediatric dentistry (children’s dentistry), endodontics (root canals), oral and maxillofacial surgery (tooth extractions and oral surgery), prosthodontics (restorative dentistry), periodontics (gum disease) and orthodontics (braces).  Once you choose from among the many general dentists in Frisco TX and they perform an examination, they will determine if you have any problems that require the help of a dental specialist.  But first, you have to find that general dentist who can treat you and your whole family, if necessary.

Make a short list of dentists who are on your dental plan and who are within an acceptable traveling radius.  If you have family or friend recommendations, add those dentists to your list, provided they’re on your dental plan.  Next, you can call or visit each office to get some vital information that you’ll need to make your choice.  Remember, don’t feel uncomfortable asking questions.  Your family dentist, like your family doctor, is important in maintaining your dental and overall health and you must be sure that he is qualified to handle the job.   Some questions you should ask are:

▸  What are the office hours and do they have any provisions for after-hours or weekend dental emergencies?

▸  What training has the dentist had and how long has he been in practice?  Does he have experience working with children or seniors (if this is applicable)?

▸  How does the dentist handle dental treatment anxiety?  Does he offer sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide?  Is his staff equipped to handle severe anxiety?

▸  Is the dentist still a preferred provider for your dental insurance?  Does he offer a payment plan for your portion of his fees?  Does he provide accurate estimates of the costs of procedures before they’re done?

Start your search for a dentist at Prestonbrook Dental.  Dr. Faysal Chaudhry is one of the best dentists in Frisco TX and he can take care of all of your dental needs.  Call Prestonbrook Dental today at (214) 705-7948 to make an appointment and to find out more about Dr. Chaudhry.  You can also visit us online at

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