Five Ways to Prepare Your Child for a Trip to the Pediatric Dentist in Frisco Texas

Five Ways to Prepare Your Child for a Trip to the Pediatric Dentist in Frisco Texas

pediatric dentist friscoNeed a pediatric dentist in Frisco, TX? Going to the dentist worries many adults who’ve been on the receiving end of a tooth extraction, but for kids that first dental visit can be a big, scary experience as well. There are several ways you can prepare your child for that first dental visit and make it a smooth and anxiety-free experience.

1- Play-Act a Visit to the Dentist

Prepare your child for a trip to the dentist by doing a make-believe version of what happens during a visit to the pediatric dentist in Frisco TX. You can play the part of the dentist and let your child be the pretend patient, or vice versa. A child who knows what to expect at a dental office is less likely to be apprehensive.

2- Supervise Brushing and Flossing Prior to the Dental Visit

As the time for your child’s appointment draws closer, monitor your child’s brushing and dental hygiene habits a little more closely than usual. Remind them that daily brushing and flossing will keep teeth and gums healthier and make trips to the dentist quicker and less problematic.

3- Focus on the end result of visiting the dentist.

Explain the reasons for going to the dentist. A bright smile, straighter teeth and a healthy mouth are the goal of a dental visit. Focusing on these results will soothe your child’s anxiety and draw his or her thoughts away from the “fear factor” inherent in dental visits for so many kids and adults.

4- Introduce Your Child to the Dental Office before Their Appointment

Avoid first-time jitters by taking your child to the office of your pediatric dentist in Frisco for a pre-treatment consultation or bring your child along when you go to the dentist. Children who become acquainted with the office by sitting in the waiting room and seeing other patients leaving the dentist with brighter smiles will feel more comfortable when their appointment comes.

5- Reassure Your Child

If your child is afraid of going to the dentist, reassure him that the visit will be a safe and positive one. Talk about how the pediatric dentist in Frisco helps to make teeth look and feel better. If you’ve gone to the same dentist as your child, relate some encouraging things about your past visits, like how friendly the office staff is, or how good teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned.

Dr. Faysal Y. Chaudhry, a pediatric dentist in Frisco TX and the dental team at Prestonbrook Dental are dedicated to providing the best family dental services in Frisco Texas. We know that many children are anxious about visiting the dentist. We give our young patients a positive introduction to dental care by addressing their concerns before treatment. We can play music during treatment to take their minds off the procedure and we provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere. If you would like to make an appointment for your child, use our contact form or call us at 214-705-7948214-705-7948.

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