Laser Teeth Whitening Frisco TX: Pros and Cons of the Procedure

Laser Teeth Whitening Frisco TX: Pros and Cons of the Procedure

laser teeth whitening Frisco TXWhite teeth are a culturally-accepted sign of health and hygiene. When you want a good set of pearly whites yourself, you might want to look into laser teeth whitening Frisco TX. It might sound like an intimidating procedure; after all, lasers are the stuff of science fiction. However, it can be a highly beneficial procedure as an alternative to other kinds of teeth whitening. Here are some of the advantages of the laser process:

1. Expediency

The process of laser teeth whitening Frisco TX is typically a very expedient process. Whether it is administered in a single treatment or broken up into two or three treatments, a single pass with the laser typically does not last longer than an hour at the most. An agent, usually a gel, is applied to the teeth and the light is shone on it. The agent is activated by the laser, breaking down stains on the teeth to leave the teeth white afterwards. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to see how many treatments you will need.

2. Painlessness

The process of laser teeth whitening Frisco TX is a typically pain-free process. Reports of pain are infrequent, and even then they are not severe. As the procedure is usually done in one visit, you would not have a long recovery period. Sometimes you might have increased sensitivity on your teeth or gums directly after the treatment, which can be helped with topical pain relief product. If you experience sensitivity, ask your dentist to recommend a good product.

3. Permanence

While this process is not typically permanent, the treatment can, if properly applied, last a long time. At minimum, a single treatment can last for years. With proper maintenance and dental hygiene practices, your teeth will remain white and healthy for even longer. The process can typically break down such stains as those caused by coffee, tea, or cigarettes. They may not be as bright if darkened by medical products, but the whitening will still apply.

When you want to present a good picture of yourself to the world, a bright white smile is a good investment. While there are many treatments for stained teeth, and many ways of whitening your teeth, the laser teeth whitening treatment in Frisco TX is a great way of quickly bringing your teeth back to the pearly white standard. The procedure is quick, almost always painless, and lasts a long time. Ask your dentist about laser teeth whitening!  Call Prestonbrook Dental today to schedule your appointment at (214) 705-7948 or visit us online at to find out more.

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